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TRS Group (TRS), a 100% employee-owned company, is a global provider of PFAS and thermal remediation technologies for the in situ treatment of soils, groundwater and bedrock and the ex situ treatment of soil piles and dredged sediment.

As the exclusive North American licensee of the patented PerfluorAdTM technology, TRS also provides aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) cleanout services. We can reduce per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) concentrations in AFFF fire suppression systems by more than 99%. Developed by Cornelsen GmbH, TRS Group’s partner in Essen, Germany, PerfluorAd is ideal for cleaning trucks, fixed systems, storage vessels, hoses and piping. The method, which includes treatment of rinse water, generates little to no waste.

Costs are generally less than a tenth of replacing those systems and components.

AFFF Challenges and Solutions

While being phased-out from firefighting systems, PFAS are found in AFFF and equipment. Helping the industry cope with this challenge, TRS is optimizing a method for cleaning PFAS out of fire extinguishing equipment. We discuss the challenges of AFFF removal and have a discussion of an effective solution at the link.

How It Works

PerfluorAd is a biodegradable cleaning agent that preferentially forms a weak bond with PFAS. We circulate a dilute solution through every part of the fire suppression system, including pipes, hoses, valves, storage vessels, pumps, etc., until we reach acceptable effluent concentration levels. Cleaning a fire truck usually takes three to five days. 

After removing the PFAS from the firefighting equipment, we use the PerfluorAdTM system to treat the rinsate. Typically, the total waste volume is just a few gallons. For a detailed description of how the PerfluorAdTM technology works on firefighting vehicles, follow the link here

PerfluorAd: How It Works

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